Borrower Services

Borrower Services: Loan Management & Support

At HBDi, we are dedicated to providing exceptional borrower services in Texas to support your loan management needs. Our team is here to assist you with various transactions and ensure compliance with the terms of your loan. Explore the services we offer:

Loan Payments

Conveniently submit your loan payment online using a check, debit card, or major credit card. Avoid late fees by ensuring timely payments, even if your account is not set up for automatic debit.

Change Automatic Payment

Update your automatic payment method by printing and completing the “Automatic Debit Form.” Attach a voided check and mail it to our address at Houston Business Development, Inc., 5330 Griggs Road, Houston, Texas 77021.

Account Inquiries

  • Check Your Loan Balance: Contact our Loan Administration Department at 713-845-2417 to obtain the latest balance for your account. Provide the requested information, including your loan number, business name, phone number, and email address, if applicable.
  • Update Your Mailing Address: If you need to change your mailing address, please contact us with your loan number, name, business name, phone number, and email address, if applicable. We will ensure our records reflect your updated information.

Pre-payment Information

Are you planning to pay off your small business loan? Request an estimated payoff amount from our team for effective financial planning. Kindly give us a 30-day written notice of your intention to repay the loan.

Please note that small business loans do not incur prepayment penalties. However, a nominal fee is charged for prepayment of Fast Track Loans within the first year of the loan term. For additional information, reach out to our Loan Administration Department at 713-845-2417.

Insurance Coverage

As stated in your Loan Agreement, it is mandatory to maintain insurance coverage for your property. Ensure your property is adequately insured for its total insurable value on a replacement cost basis. Provide evidence of property, liability, and flood insurance (if required) to our Loan Administration Department. Include Houston Business Development, Inc. as a loss payee in your policy.

Financial Information

Submitting annual financial statements or tax returns is crucial to your loan commitment. Please provide your annual financial statement (balance sheet and income statement) and tax returns to our office three months after your year-end. For any inquiries, contact our Loan Administration Department at 713-845-2417.

Real Property Taxes

It is your responsibility as the borrower to pay property taxes. Please note that no escrow account for property tax payments or impound account on real estate has been established with your loan. For information regarding property tax payments, consult the County Tax Collector or Assessor in the jurisdiction where your property is located.
At HBDi, we are committed to ensuring a seamless loan experience and providing comprehensive borrower services in Texas. Contact us today for any assistance or questions you may have regarding your loan.